In 2003, Iraq has changed significantly in politics, social, and economic conditions, as a result changes have been emerged to be great challenges to our beloved country as the successive Governments set up policies and strategies to promote the Iraqi economy in different sectors in order to sustain its revenues. As a result of the devastation Iraq passed through, green lands decreased, green spaces are decreasing significantly which affect the Food Security and the Green Environment besides the cities and factories started to grow at the expense of agriculture. In this difficult situation, companies of great expertise in agricultural field have to be emerged to take the initiative and to perform the agricultural plans set out in government strategies to be implemented on the ground. In spite of all difficulties, our company, ((ALFARIS United Group)) with all accumulated expertise for 30 years in agricultural field, step up and took the initiative.
Our company has invested in vast green spaces owned by Basra Governorate to achieve relative balance between the increasing dependence on oil and expansion in Oil fields in Basra at the expense of green spaces, so it increased (our company) its efforts for supporting the Green Belts , design, and implement green space , and implant trees ,and import some of those trees based on International Standards to be implanted in Basra Governorate, in addition to agricultural awareness and education to be contributed effectively in the biggest International Fairs in order to support agriculture in our beloved country (Land of Blackness).
We have spared no efforts in order to have green spaces regained its freshness and increase trees numbers in Iraq by importing new rate of trees to support agriculture wealth as we did in implanting “ Strawberry” and Washingtonia filifera and other rates which are new on Iraq & Basrawi Environment. Additionally, we increase workshops, research & developmental centers related to agriculture, besides investing in new lands. All that is for our green Basra to be come back to have great economic environmental impact as before.
Human Power
Our human power in our the company to be represented by all workers , engineers , administrators , technicians, professionals, and craftsmen as the company dedicated to develop the human power continually by training courses and professional development of workers and dispatched employees to be trained in International companies , set up courses , workshops in order to improve knowledge and experience. The company have signed memorandum of understanding with Basra University / College of Agriculture, and Agriculture Engineers’ Union in Basra in order to exchange experiences and develop skills of both parties to create a competent cadre with great knowledge and able to produce the best in administer the projects and improved workplace to be harmonized with existing intentional progress in technology.
Today, we are proud of what we have regarding to human power we bet on that they are able to perform the biggest agriculture, civil & Electrical projects and we shall be a competitive to the great companies in this field , particularly they are Iraqi human powers ( 300 ) employees ( Engineers, Admins., Technicians, and Craftsmen who great favor in company management and facilitate the company’s road to be the greatest company among Iraqi companies specialized in supply, implementation and maintenance.